Ofrė Studio was born thanks to the dream of our main studio designer and creator Ariel along with her friend Mimi. They both grew up in Cote d'Ivoire surrounded by marvellous home accessories and ornaments handmade by local artisans. From this grew their passion for beautiful traditional and modern artefacts hence the idea of having a place where one can find exclusive and unique pieces.


Traditional weaving loom from Korhogo

About Ofrė Studio

Mainly inspired by the wisdom and ancestral traditions from west Africa, we develop collections of refined products for the home. Each item is carefully selected and designed, making curating and merchandising the backbone of our Studio.

The aesthetic of our products reflects true art more than anything, with beautiful patterns and prints and a meaning behind every composition. We believe each product has an individual story to tell, from the moment it was first crafted with a single thread or clay simply based on a creative idea, to the moment when it’s ready to ship to its new owners in its final form.

Our products are top-quality and finely crafted, taking our love for home as a priority. Our exclusive home ware is a celebration of both community and art, and every single detail has a meaning behind it. As an ever-evolving Studio, we are always looking into new creative ideas to expand our catalog.

We are committed on offering high-quality services to all our customers, with personalized attention to satisfy their needs or answer any questions. You can always contact us for any enquiries or concerns and you will get a reply as soon as possible. We are here to provide the best experience and build a lasting customer relationship that matches the quality of our products.

Ofrė Studio is built on a set of shared values. We want to keep growing as a Studio with a steady and determined pace.

Our core values include: Beauty, Innovation, Passion, Quality, and Ethics.

We are working to promote African artisanal atelier.  

Our Commitment with Sustainability

To be sustainable is a big part of our identity.

 Create meaningful partnerships with crafters ensuring fair trade.

 Developing products that is creating jobs and incomes.

We take pride in being committed with the environment and make changes to provide better practices and approaches and to be part of this positive change in the world by lessening our environmental impact.

We are deeply engaged and constantly learning about the use and origin of the materials used in our products, and making changes if needed, to opt for better alternatives.

We want to make sure our materials are sourced from responsibly managed ecosystems.


Ofrė Studio